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40 anni di Star Wars: la mitica nave imperiale da Revell


revell 06052 nave imperiale starwars

Revell 06052 Star Wars 1/2670 Imperial Star Destroyer

Modello della nave imperiale per i 40 anni di StarWars scala 1/2700 in kit da montare - Lunghezza 60cm la scatola comprende i colori e un pennello.

After Chancellor Palpatine rose to power, the wedge-shaped Star Destroyers were the backbone of the fleet, one reason being their massive firepower, and they were present in almost every battleground. These long-distance spacecraft were capable of travelling through hyperspace and carried the dreaded TIE fighters, yet were also deployed in system-wide invasions. -

  • Four-part fuselage with intricately carved surfaces
  • Structured side walls
  • Multi-part command bridge
  • Engine replicas
  • Display stand

nave imperiale starwars revell


Corel: torna la Reale de France ,

dopo alcuni anni di assenza per problemi tecnici, torna in produzione il gioiello di Corel

Reale de France


Reale de France Corel



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